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After School Programs

UP ON TOP provides quality, tuition-free after school programs for underserved children in grades K-5 in San Francisco's Tenderloin and Western Addition neighborhoods.  


UP ON TOP creates a nurturing environment, which prepares children for academic and social success. We offer a well-rounded curriculum, including homework support, academic tutoring and enrichment, creative arts, science, leadership classes and field trips.


Our programs are offered at the Tenderloin Recreation Center.


UP ON TOP's staff help children become comfortable readers by the fifth grade, and competent with math at their grade level. Our staff works closely with each child's teacher, parents, and caregivers to reinforce academic skills.


Family Involvement

In addition to providing quality after school and summer programs to under-served children in the Tenderloin and Western Addition neighborhoods of San Francisco, UP ON TOP also provides community programs to parents and families of children in UP ON TOP's programs.


UP ON TOP coordinates monthly family support meetings, seasonal family resource fairs, and parent-teacher conferences to aid parents and families in supporting their children's academic and social success at home.


Each community program covers a different topic relevant and useful to UP ON TOP parents and families.  Community programs often include presentations by UP ON TOP staff or professionals who volunteer their time supporting UP ON TOP's mission and community.

Summer Program

During the summer, UP ON TOP offers a quality, eight-week, all-day, tuition-free program for underserved K-5 children. Our summer program includes daily academics in the morning aimed at preventing summer learning loss, and field trips and swimming lessons in the afternoons.


Summer programming is particularly important for under-served children because without access to a high-quality summer program, disadvantaged children disproportionately experience summer learning loss.   


By high school, 67% of the cumulative achievement gap between middle-class and disadvantaged children can be explained by summer learning loss. 


The impact of this gap is that disadvantaged children without access to a summer program can be two-to-three full school years behind by the time they reach high school

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